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GEM Networking

First there was Contact Management then
CUSTOMER Relationship Management or CRM
and now
NETWORK Relationship Management

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GEM Networking - 'BUSINESS NETWORKING Relationship Management' System

Unlike previous generations of Contact Management and CRM software, GEM does not simply treat your Contacts as unconnected items in a list. Rather, GEM understands, and makes use of, all the inter-connections that exist in the real-world, between everyone and everything in the database.

As a result GEM has almost intuitive behaviour unheard of in ANY computer system. GEM:
  • Never duplicates anyone's record - or even their phone numbers! It remembers who shares the same information instead. So when anyone's contact details are changed, they automatically change for everyone else who shares the same details too.
  • Manages all your relationships AND tracks everyone else's too - not just Customers, but Contractors, Shareholders, Staff, Suppliers, Family, Friends, etc., - for everyone in the system. So it tracks who knows who and why, for a whole network of contacts, identifying 'spheres of influence' and where business referrals come from.
  • Records everything your team does - not just E-mails, but phone calls, faxes, letters, social networking messages, meetings, work done - everything! It even remembers dealings with past Employees and previous Employers.
  • Works with WORD, synchronises with OUTLOOK - makes your entire system, from your mobile phone on, as smart as GEM. Means there's not too much new to learn, either.
  • Imports Data from multiple data sources - without duplicating anyone's record.
  • Personalise - target your audience with a sophisticated mail-merge to send E-mails, Faxes and Letters. Leverages its relationships to avoid sending to more than one person at same address or the same person at different addresses; include their Partner's name and so on.
  • Customise - choose which information to store, add unlimited user defined fields.
  • Brilliantly Simple and easy to use. People want to use it - just to save time.

You'll have to try it - just to believe it's possible.

Being in business is about making and keeping Customers. However, the more you know about your entire network of contacts, not just Customers, the more effectively you can Network, communicate, generate more referrals and make your business more valuable.
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